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I currently reside in Hobart, Tasmania Australia.

My occupation is two-fold; I work as an Environmental Geologist (B.Sc with post graduate studies majoring in Palaeontology) and pursue my own business interests in wildlife and conservation photography.  I also, until recently was an active member of the Australian Army Reserve where I served as a commissioned officer in the Medical Corps.

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I have been involved with flight simulation since the release of FS2. I can still remember the fateful day I saw the programme on a shelf in a store when I was purchasing a computer (a 386 PC) for my girlfriend to do her university assignment.

I became intrigued as I read the box cover, and the computer salesman being the savvy person he was, latched onto the chance to sell the computer by saying 'I'll give you the programme if you buy the computer right now' The deal was done and so began a twenty odd year relationship with Micro$oft and their incarnation of 'as real as it gets'.

I learnt to fly the Cessna using a keyboard and the rest was left to my vivid imagination.  I then upgraded to a joystick followed by a yoke and rudder pedals manufactured by CH Products.  I became interested in theory of flight and purchased several technical books on flying. I also upgraded my computer to include two external monitors. I became engrossed in the technical side of flying - especially flight dynamics, navigation and pilotage.  Paralleling this, I completed my Private Pilot License (PPL). 

Soon after, I became interested in the larger jet aircraft and spent considerable time flying (simulation only) the Fokker 100 and Boeing 737-400 series aircraft; this is the aircraft type I used to practice much of what I know about jetliner flying.  I became immersed in learning how to fly 'heavy metal'.

The release of the 737NG simulation by Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) introduced a completely new level of complexity to flight simulation, and this spurred me to invest in additional hardware; I soon retired my CH Products yoke and pedals and upgraded to a Cirrus C2 Professional console, jetliner yoke and rudder pedals manufactured in the USA by Precision Flight Controls (PFC). 

I was complacent with this small generic set-up; however, there was always the nagging feeling of wanting to fly a more realistic and challenging simulator.

It was not a twist of the imagination that eventually I would be seeking greater immersion, realism and complexity.

I hope you enjoy this website and find it informative.

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