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Keep it Simple (KIS)

KIS is military term used to keep things simple.  When a system becomes multi-facetted with different tiers of software and complexity, it becomes complicated.  This can often lead to errors, problems and frustration.  It is vital to keep your system clean from unnecessary complication, unless you enjoy troubleshooting or chasing 'software ghosts'.

Some virtual pilots appear to go 'overboard' with simulation add on programs.

There are literally hundreds of programs on the market for FS9 and FSX.  Some are very good and can be listed as a must have program, but others barely cut the tape and cause more problems than benefits.  Selecting what is required can be a challenge.

I've learned through trial and error, with earlier incarnations of flight simulator that too many add on programs can only cause software clashes, especially when operating a sophisticated aircraft such as the 737 in conjunction with high-end software such as Sim Avionics or ProSim-AR - not too mention OEM parts and numerous interface cards.

KIS, Tweaking, and the .cfg File

Keeping things simple is 'good advice' with FSX and P3D.  The more 'extras' you have the more problems you are liable to encounter.

Many simmers love to tweak and often their .cfg file ends up looks completely different to the default version.  Whilst some tweaks do work and are required, others just cause continual problems.

I use a VERY minimally tweaked .cfg file.  Furthermore, I try and use as few add on programs as possible.  This reflects my ethos of trying to keep things simple...

Software Used in 737 Project (as at March 2018)

Base Programs

  • Lockheed Martin (P3D) Version 4.3 (previously FSX)
  • ProSim-AR B737 Version 2 Avionics Suite
  • ProSim-AR B738 flight model Version 3.10 (dedicated flight model)
  • FSUIPC & Wide FS (Peter Dowson)

 Scenery, Textures, AI Aircraft & Airports

  • ORBX FTX (several areas)
  • ORBX FTX Global
  • ORBX FTX Vector
  • ORBX FTX Open Landclass (several areas)
  • ORBX FTX Airports (several)
  • ORBX FTX AI Traffic (Australia & New Zealand)
  • ORBX FTX Global Trees (HD)
  • Ultimate Traffic Live (AI outside of Australia & New Zealand)
  • REX Overdrive with Softclouds - Clouds & Textures (not the weather engine)

Navigation, Flight Planning & Weather

  • Opus Flight Simulator Interface (FSI) Weather Engine
  • Navigraph FMC Flight Data & charts
  • Navigraph Desktop & Charts Database
  • SkyVector Flight Planning (on-line route finder) - Internet
  • Route Finder (on-line route finder) - Internet
  • TopCat Take Off Performance Landing & Calculation Tool - stand-alone program (under evaluation)
  • PFPS Flight Planning - stand-alone program (under evaluation)
  • FS-FlightControl Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

Other Programs (they mostly operate outside of P3D)

  • Project Magenta Sound (PM Sounds)
  • RAAS
  • LOLA (lord of the landing) - approach analysis software
  • PrecipIt (enhanced rain, snow, lightening and visual effects)
  • A2A AccuFeel (P3D version)

Occassionally I add other software, but the above software is the minimum I use.