Occasionally I have simulator parts, software, and OEM B737 equipment that is surplus to my current needs.  Rather than store it in the garage where it will become lost never to be seen again, I'll offer it here.

Please note that all items are in working condition unless otherwise stated.  Freight is at buyer's expense and will always be at cost - no hidden charges.  Contact me via the on-line form with questions.  Click images to enlarge. 


I intended to use this reproduction FLAPS gauge as a interim measure while waiting to find a 800 series OEM FLAPS gauge.  The gauge, however, was never used as I discovered a OEM gauge more quickly than first anticipated.

The gauge and glass face plate is from a B737-400 airframe and is identical in size and appearence to the NG series gauge.  The internal mechanism comprises a dedicated micro-servo motor which accurately moves the needle to the appointed flaps detente position.  The dial of the gauge is made from heavy-duty plastic.  The gauge can be backlit with 5 volts.

To power the movement of the servo motor and provide the power to backlight the gauge, a RV servo cable, connector and two wires snake their way from the rear of the gauge.

Connection is to a I/O card such as Phidgets card or Joystick controller card (not supplied).

Calibration is within ProSim737 (calibration/levers/flaps).  The process is extremely easy.

Note the gauge is an OEM product but the faceplate is a reproduction along with the needle.

SELL PRICE IS $75.00 USD (postage at cost)



BOEING B737-800 NG FUEL FLOW RESET SWITCH (OEM) - all sold.... (March 2016)

This OEM part is difficult to find as these parts are often recycled into another airframe.

This toggle is a three way toggle.  One side is momentary, the center is fixed while the other side has partial locking.  It is NOT a standard toggle switch.

Further information can be found here: Fuel Flow Reset Switch

Toggle is fully operational. Terminal pin-outs supplied.

Requires interface card (such as a PoKey card)Very easy to install to MIP and wire.

Condition 9.7/10   (click picture to enlarge).

SELL PRICE $175.00 USD  Postage at cost    (LAST SWITCH - SOLD)


Blank Panels to suit GoFlight Radio Stack (including reproduction DZUS not shown)

Three (3) panels as new.

GoFlight brand.

SELL PRICE $5.00 USD   Postage at cost