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November 25, 2011 at 21:15
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This is a short exerp from a SAS flight video. The video takes you through several domestic flights with the two pilots explaining the proceedures they are doing during the flight.   I found the excerpt  interesting, so thought I'd post it.  The DVD is available for purchase.  I have ordered the two DVD set and will post a review once I have watched it.

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The video is well composed and the video work reasonably well done (considering it’s within the tight confines of a flight deck).  It certainly does not represent some of the lower end videos you see advertised.  The two DVD’s take you through several flights both VFR and IFR, in Norway flying with SAS in a number of B737 series aircraft.  The video is in sections with each section comprising one flight.

The video records the complete flights from scheduling through to flight completion and engine shutdown.  The two pilots speak in English (for the most part).  I did learn several aspects of flying the B737 from this video, however, the educational benefit of the video is limited by the fact that the pilots do not discuss the reasons why they are doing something.  They go through the standard pilot calls out and you see them turning switches and dials, etc – but nothing else. 

For example, they will alter the V NAV constraints but do not indicate why they did this.  Another example is the CDU.  The pilots dial in various figures, but nothing is mentioned to what they are dialing in and for what reason.   It would have been good to have a voice over or text at the bottom the screen explaining the reason for the pilot’s action. 

This lack of education makes the two DVD’s rather repetitious, and this is why my rating is only 6/10.  But, if you do keep a good look out you will notice aspects of flying you probably wouldn't be able to see any other way.  For example, the First Officer in VFR removed all automation at FL5000 and hand flies the aircraft to landing. 

Good videos of flight deck operations are difficult to find and for this reason the title is worth watching.  DVD time is 4 hours and 8 minutes.

My Rating 6-10

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