2012 - 2013: Seasons Greetings, Thank You & 2013 Plans 
December 25, 2012 at 12:00
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First, "Seasons Greetings"

Flaps2Approach has been live since the B737 project commenced in September 2010.  On average, each week the site receives over 10,500 individual hits and 32,000 page views from nearly every developed country on the planet.  I hope the site has provided YOU with information, ideas, interesting reading and enthusiasm to either begin or continue your own B737 project.

I enjoy documenting the project; I find it helps clear my thoughts!  I hope I have not made too many spelling or grammatical mistakes in the posts.

Thank You

A project of this magnitude is not a one person job; many people have provided advice, assistance and most importantly their personal time in helping me achieve what you see today.  I'd like to thank each person for their help; a number of you (you know who you are...) have been exceptionally patient with me as I learn new skills to add to my quiver.

2012 - Almost Gone!

The new year will be upon us shortly and although much of the construction of the flight simulator has occurred during the past year, 2013 will see some major enhancements as the simulator evolves further toward a fully workable simulator. 

Milestones accomplished during this year have been the conversion of the B737-300 throttle, completion of the center pedestal including avionic modules and two converted genuine B737 ACP units, replacement of the former platform with a more sturdy, functional platform, and installtion of dual rudder pedals and genuine control columns.

What's Planned - 2013

On the near horizon we will see the implementation of full automation of the Boeing 737 throttle quadrant and complete functionality of the speed brake system which will replicate exactly the operational status of the real aircraft.  It's also hoped that genuine parts will become available to develop the forward and aft overhead.  This is in addition to replacing some of the reproduction gauges on the MIP with FS converted genuine B737 gauges, such as the brake hydraulic and flaps indicator gauges.

Later in the year, the method in which the overhead is to be mounted will be decided (roll frame or shell) and the external visuals, which to date have not been adequately addressed, will be looked at in detail. 

No doubt, as 2013 progresses there will be a host of other small improvements and most importantly, the opportunity to spend some time behind the yoke actually flying - which I have sourly missed for the past 15 months or so....

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