FLAP Gauge Alternative by Flight Deck Solutions
April 2, 2012 at 15:34
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I've just read that Flight Deck Solutions have developed a new flaps gauge that can be used instead of the more traditional and realistic analogue "steam' gauge (such as produced by Flight Illusion and Sim Kits).  While this new concept may not appeal to purists, the concept is a less expensive alterative or interim measure for those who don't have flap gauge functionality. 

The gauge utilises an illuminating LED to indicate the position of the flaps, rather than a needle and indicator.

The benefit of this to a traditional steam gauge is that functionality is controlled through/via already installed software and FSUPIC offsets, rather than through the installation of additional system cards and wiring.

Here is the FDS forum post with pictures

Here is a short FDS promotional video (U-Tube)  

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