737 Classic Flight Deck - Scrap to Home Flight Deck
February 13, 2013 at 22:29
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I thought I'd post an image of how a flight deck appears after removal from the aircraft. This is a flight deck belonging to a Boeing 737 classic series which is the model previous to the 737 NG; I think this deck belongs to either a 737-400 or 500 series airframe.  Anything of value is slowly being removed for either scrap metal, repair and reuse, or for possible inclusion in a home flight deck. 

One aspect of flight deck building I enjoy is finding and using recycled parts.  Who said recycling carn't be enjoyable  :)

I've made this image full size, so if you want to see it in more detail click the image (image use courtesy of Tim).

I published a journal post on using genuine aircraft parts in the simulator sometime back. 

In my next post we'll look more closely at the Speed and Altitude Interventon (SD INTV & ALT INTV) functionality.


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