New Interface Module Installed - SMART
September 18, 2015 at 21:31
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The installation of an OEM flaps gauge to the simulator was the catalyst to the design and development of an additional interface module. 

The module, called 'SMART' is a platform to accommodate the various components necessary to configure and drive the flaps gauge.

LEFT:  OEM Flaps gauge installed to Main Instrument Panel (MIP).  A new interface module was designed to incorporate the 400 hertz needed to power the gauge.  Furthermore, SMART is also responsible for the interface a several other OEM gauges.

SMART has also been used to accommodate the interface cards necessary to use the OEM AFDS units, Autobrake Selector knob and the Used Fuel Toggle.

The SMART module has been discussed in a separate section as a subset to the Interface Module section.


Also of note, is that the throttle page, a subset of the Flight Control pages (main menu) has been updated.

The page now refers to the most recent throttle quadrant used in the simulator.  There is also a internal links section, at the bottom of the page.

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