'Contact Me' Link Has Been Removed

I enjoy writing this website and using flight simulator, however, I do not have the time to answer the numerous e-mails that I have been receiving over the last 6 months or so.  On some days I receive in excess of 10 e-mails asking how to do this or that, seeking confirmation, or asking where to purchase parts.  Often a response to an e-mail is not a few lines but entails an in-depth discussion.  Unfortunately, I do not have the time available to become involved in detailed discussions with a multitude of people.

In many instances, the information sought is documented on the website.

I recommend using the search box functionality and/or the FS Links page .

Thank you,   F2A  



A new sub-section has been added to the site.  Please use this link if you wish to submit ideas and suggestions to articles published on the website. 


Cleaning Up & Streamlining Flaps 2 Approach

The content in this website has over time become quite in-depth and voluminous.  As time permits, I am slowly working through the site and updating posts that have errors (especially spelling and grammar).  I am also cleaning up bad links, streamlining the search capability by updating keywords and metadata, and undertaking general housekeeping.  If you have not read some of the posts for several months you will note that some of the content has changed as updates are promulgated.

I recommend clearing the cache on your computer to ensure you are viewing the latest copy of the site - especially if you observe linking problems and pages that are not visible (error 404).

  • The update process is not an overnight process and is something I will work on as time permits.  Over time, you will notice that some of the content in the earlier posts have changed and now should be easier to read and understand.
  • By far the easiest way to find information on the site is to use the search functionality or peruse the Journal Archive.
  • If you observe a mistake on the website, especially in relation to the accuracy of the information, please contact me.  Murphy (aka Murphys Law) reads this website, and whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy, mistakes can creep in from time to time.

Build My Simulator For Me ?

I am a very keen enthusiast when it comes to flight simulation and enjoy many aspects of aviation - virtual and otherwise.  I also enjoy speaking to others who share the same interest and passion.  But, the number of requests I receive from individuals asking about matters already discussed in-depth on this website is staggering.  Like most people, I do not have infinite time available to write long complicated e-mails explaining how to do something - this is what the website is for!

Whilst I am more than happy to reply to e-mails, I cannot be expected to re-write what already has been published on the website. 

The process of converting OEM parts can be complicated and is sometimes convoluted.  Many of the conversions are accomplished with the aid of a good friend, and it is not an understatement when I say that it is easy to become 'muddled' on some of the more advanced conversions. Furthermore, there are often several ways of accomplishing a conversion and while some methods are definitely better than others, the end result is identical.

I have attempted to explain in detail the process in the various posts.  Please read the posts before e-mailing me and asking exactly the same question that the post answers.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the website.

If you have suggestions on future content, please send me your suggestion.  Best,  F2A


Errors and Ommissions

Many of the Journal Posts take considerable time to research, write and edit - not too mention taking photographs.

If you find any post difficult to comprehend because of the way it is written, or the structure of the post causes the topic to be confusing - or note a spelling, grammatical error or inaccuracy, please PLEASE CONTACT ME so it can be rectified.

Please do not place a message on the forum.

Thank You,  F2A


Increasing the Number of Journal Posts

Several readers have requested I increase the number of posts to the website.  Unfortunately, this is not possible due to time constants, work and other commitments.  Furthermore, to research, write and check a journal post can take considerable time; it does not happen overnight.  Many posts that are technical in nature are also peer reviewed for accuracy and readability.  All in all, this can take quite some time.


This said, please continue to send me requests for possible future articles.  Although I will not promise a topic will be covered.   Thanks,   F2A


Comments on Journal Posts

I have received several e-mails asking why comments are turned off on the Journal Posts.  The reason is SPAM.

A CAPTCHA has successfully been implemented to stop robots from generating SPAM; however, it seems there are diligent individuals who enjoy writing comments with attached urls, that lead to sales promotions in China.  Labour is inexpensive in developing nations and companies can employ people to do this.

When a post is published, comments are active for a few weeks before being automatically turned off.  If I can solve the SPAM issue, comments will be activated again on all posts.   Cheers,   F2A


NEWS - What is it for ?

This new section NEWS will be used to announce anything noteworthy about the website.  Rather than clutter the main site with low-issue posts, I thought it would be good idea to seperate non-simulation/flying posts from the main site.