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Improving Flaps2Approach


The content in this website has over time become quite in-depth and voluminous.  As time permits, I am slowly working through the site and updating articles that have errors (especially spelling and grammar).  I also am rewriting several articles for added clarity and understanding.

Bad links are being repaired, keywords and metadata updated; this will aid in searching. If you have not read some of the articles for several months, you will note that some of the content has changed as updates have been promulgated.


I suggest clearing the computer cache.  This will ensure you are perusing the latest version of the website.  This should remove any linking issues (error 404).

  • The update process is not an overnight process and is something I will work on as time permits.  Over time, you will notice that some of the content in earlier articles will change.  The revised articles should be easier to read and understand.
  • If you observe a mistake on the website, especially in relation to the accuracy of the information, please contact me.  Murphy (aka Murphy's Law) reads this website, and whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy, mistakes can creep in from time to time.
  • To find content you are interested in, I suggest you use the search functionality, search the archive, or check the updated articles (change tracker) page.