List of Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) 737 Parts used in Simulator

OEM is an abbreviation often used to mean Original Equipment Manufacture (aka real parts).  The simulator, where possible, uses OEM parts converted to simulator use.

A benefit in simulating a Boeing aircraft is that many parts from the Boeing classics (B737-300, 400 & 500) and some from the earlier B737-200s are exactly the same parts used in the 737-800 NG.

Often a part from an earlier airframe, if not identical to the NG, is only marginally different requiring minimal work to retrofit (and usually the difference is on the inside of the part).  All parts from 600 through 900 series airframes are identical.

The below list is an inventory of OEM parts currently used in the simulator.  The list will be regularly updated as parts become available.

Flight Controls

  • B737-500 Throttle Quadrant (converted to NG style with full automation and motorization)
  • B737-500 Yokes and Columns (linked) including: electric trim switches & chart plates (identical to NG)
  • 737-500 Trip Indicator (identical to NG)
  • B737-400 Steering Tiller (identical to NG)
  • B737-400 Rudder Pedals (pedals identical to NG)

Center Pedestal

  • B737-500 Three-bay Center Pedestal (DZUS compliant)
  • B737-500 Telephone and Microphone (rear of center pedestal)
  • B737-600 NG Fire Suppression Panel (fire handles)
  • B737-800 Flood and Panel Lights panel (center pedestal)
  • Airline style head set
  • B737 Blanking plates & DZUS fasteners
  • B737-500 Audio Control Panel (ACP/ASP) units (2)
  • B737-800 NG Cabin Phone Communications panel
  • B737 Radar panel (early 737 style until late style becomes available)
  • B737-800 NG EVAC panel (residing in pedestal until overhead is operational)
  • B737 Aural Warning Module
  • B737-800 NG Transducer Module (awaiting conversion)
  • B737 SelCal/PA Module

Main Instrument Panel (MIP)

  • B737-600 NG Auto Brake Rotary assembly
  • B737-800 NG Flaps gauge
  • B737-500 Landing Gear lever mechanism and handle (identical to NG as knob was replaced with smaller NG style knob)
  • B737-400 Brake Pressure gauge (retrofit until OEM gauge becomes available)
  • B737-800 NG Fuel Flow, Fuel Used/Reset toggle switch
  • B737-800 NG 3-way Lights Test/BRT/DIM toggle switch
  • B737-600 NG System Annunciator buttons - Master Caution & Fire Warning Annunciators
  • B737-600 NG System Annunciators (six packs)
  • B737-500 Yaw Dampner (YD) gauge (identical to NG)
  • B737-600 NG Stick Shaker
  • B737-600 NG annunciators (Korrys) for MIP (complete replacement of all reproduction annunciators)
  • B737-600 NG Glideslope Inhibit Korry
  • B737-600 NG Stab Out-of-Trim button
  • B737-800 NG Autoflight Status Annunciator (AFDS) Captain & First Officer side
  • B737-600 NG CDU/FMC units (awaiting conversion after successful build of 737-500 CDU units)
  • B737-800 NG RMI knobs
  • B737-800 NG Standby Instrument Panel
  • B737-800 NG Captain-side DU Panel
  • B737-800 NG First Officer side DU Panel
  • B737-800 NG Captain-side Chronograph Panel
  • B737-800 NG First Officer side Chronograph Panel
  • B737-800 NG Landing Gear Panel


  • B737-500 Forward Overhead Panel (frame with DZUS rails, light switches, Cole switches & some modules) - Identical frame to NG, but some panels different which will be replaced with NG style panels
  • B737-500 Aft Overhead Panel (frame only with DZUS rails) - Identical frame to NG
  • B737 Overhead engine starter switches (Cole switches)
  • B737 Overhead light switches and toggles - landing light toggle bars (forward overhead)
  • B737-600 NG overhead map lights
  • B737-600 NG EVAC panel (aft overhead)
  • B737 Valve Pressure gauge (forward overhead)
  • B737 Oxygen gauge (forward overhead)
  • B737-500 Fuel Flow Cross Feed switch and knob (identical to NG, forward overhead)
  • B737-500 Generator 3-way push/pull toggles (identical to NG)
  • B737 Honeywell overhead switches & toggles (identical to NG)
  • B737 Fuel System Control Module Assembly (many parts identical to NG)
  • B737-500 Stand-by compass (identical to NG)
  • B737-800 NG IRS panel and switches
  • B737-800 NG ICDU Panel


  • B737-800 NG overhead eyebrows (HUD compliant)
  • B737-800 NG overhead linings


  • Weber cockpit seats (Captain & First Officer)
  • Weber cockpit seat arm-rest covers
  • B737-500 Rudder Hand Crank mechanism (identical to NG)
  • B737-500 Circuit Breaker horseshoe type for rudder assembly (identical to NG, but circuits located in different positions)