Flight Training & Related Documents


I've complied a number of documents that deal with a variety of aviation topics.   Most are in .PDF format.  You are welcome to download these documents for private study.

  • Please note that some of this material maybe copyright.  If wishing to use the material commercially, please contact the publisher of the document.
  • These lists are being consolidated due to their length and difficulty in navigation (15 May 2014).

Boeing Corporation has requested that ALL information concerning Boeing related systems be removed from this website.  Boeing has stated that ALL information released from Boeing is copyright.  Therefore,  FCTM, FCOM and SOPS have had to be deleted from the server. Unfortunately, Boeing has also told me that it is not possible to host any information from PMDG or from other official sources.  As such, all documents have been removed.

  • Sometime in the future, I will evaluate my collection of documents and publish those that relate only to flight simulation or simulator building.