The video listed below are in some cases also embedded in Journal posts.  Footage (unless otherwise attributed) has been shot using either a Canon EOS 1D MK IV camera with L lenses or using a Canon VIXIA HF videocam.  Double click the video to see full screen, or right click with mouse and choose "watch on VIMEO".

  B737-600 NG FIRE SUPPRESSION PANEL (fire handles)

B737-800 NG EVAC Panel (airline option for Aft Overhead Panel)

Boeing 737-800 NG Throttle - Movement of Trim Indicator Tabs


  Boeing 737-800 NG Throttle - Movement of Thrust Levers with Auto Throttle


Boeing 737-800 NG Throttle - Parking Brake Lever Operation


Boeing 737-800 NG Throttle Quadrant - Speed Brake Examination.  Video shows speed that speed brake lever moves when engaged (coutesy & copyright U-Tube)


 B737-800 NG Throttle Quadrant - Speedbrake Lever Movement and Deployment


 Aural Warning Module (AWM)


Boeing Business Jet BBJ on Final Approach - TOGA engaged due to inclinment weather (coutesy & copyright U-Tube)


B737-600 Auto Brake Rotary Use:  I replaced the cheap plastic rotary that came with the MIP with a genuine 737 auto brake rotary. Turning and setting MAX is now identical to to a real aircraft


B737-500 Control Column & Under floor Mechanism:  Captain-side yoke showing underfloor set-up with linkages to First Officer side


Captain-side Chronometer:  FDS Bezel with small LCD screen running ProSim737 software (virtual chronometer


ACP Conversion:  B737-500 ACP Units (slideshow with Ken Burns effect)


CDU Training:  Vertical Bearing Indicator (VBI)


CDU Training:  Flight Deck Solutions CDU Operation


A short video depicting some of the more commonly used keystrokes of the Flight Deck Solutions CDU. I have not used any particular sequence. The video is mainly to show the screen resolution and the uptake speed after depressing a key


B737-300 Throttle Quadrant Trim Wheels Spinning

OEM Boeing 737-300 series throttle quadrant converted for flight simulator use. The Stab trim wheels rotate on on input from the electrical trim switches on the yoke. Trim indicator tabs move in association with wheels spinning to indicate what trim the aircraft is currently in. To stop the wheels from spinning (can be annoying & noisy) the Stab Trim Cut Off switch has been programmed to cut power to the motor that drives the wheels. The trim tabs, however, still move as trim is adjusted on the yoke.  This throttle unit has since been replaced by a later model throttle quadrant.  Furthermore, a better system has also been augmented to engage the trim wheels and trim indicator tabs.


 Weber Pilot Seat Adjustments


Two matching B737 Weber pilot seats are used in the B737 simulator. The seats were retrieved from a South West B737 that was destined for the wrecking yard. This video demonstrates the range of movements that the seats are capable of.


CDU Training:  Maps Part 1    (courtesy: Aerosoft Australia)



CDU Training:  FMC Flight Planning Part 2 - FMC Basics    (courtesy: Aerosoft Australia)


CDU Training:  FMC Flight Planning Part 3 - FMC Airways    (courtesy: Aerosoft Australia)


CDU Training:  FMC Flight Planning Part 4 - FMC Insert, Delete & Modify    (courtesy: Aerosoft Australia)


Captain of Singapore Airlines B747 Flys into sunset as company retures B747


Crosswind Approaches & Landings

A series of short video clips of cross wind landings (found on the Internet)


Turbine Sounds Studio (TSS) (sound file review from TSS website)


Loosing The Ability To Fly - Aircraft Automation Dependency

This lecture video discusses the implications arising from automation dependency and how airlines are attempting to solve the issue.  I found the presentation to be very informative, amusing in parts and helps to explain "What's it doing now"......   The video has been embedded directly from U-Tube.