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External views are important as they provide the feeling of 'being there'.

During the test phase of the project, external views will be one computer monitor.

At the completion of construction and after testing, several options will be considered:

  • Three external monitors linked to the FSX PC using Matrox Triple Head2Go
  • One or two large screen LCD televisions
  • Three overhead projectors in combination with a curved screen

Although the three overhead projectors and a curved screen provide the best visual and overall flight immersion, the area where the simulator is presently housed does not employ enough real estate to allow projectors and a screen.

In many respects, the visuals used is linked to whether you are using a shell or an open structure around the simulator (roll cage assembly).  If you have a full shell then it would be disappointing if you did not implement a wrap around screen.

As of July 2013, Samsung and others have released a curved television screen.  This screen shows merit to be used for flight simulation where a smaller visual footprint is required. 

It is unfortunate that at the present time, apace availability is limited.  A large curved screen and projectors is not possible.  Therefore, the favoured option is one or two LCD television screens, or depending upon how far technology is developed when I am ready to install the visuals, a curved television screen.  Closer to the event more research will be done.