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Project Status refers to what I am currently working on and the level of completeness.  As jobs are completed they will be checked off.  Another word for this is a road map.

If you have read the Research and Development section you will recall that I am constructing the simulator in stages/phases.  Before moving to a new phase, I  ensure everything in the previous stage is, as much as possible, working correctly.  I do not want to be working on too many items at the same time…

The simulator is fully functional ('Thunderbirds Are Go'); however, evolution rarely is static; alterations and improvements occur regularly as I replace reproduction parts with Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) parts.  OEM parts are real Boeing 737 parts converted for Flight Simulator use.

Finding Posts and Information

The most efficient method to find your way around this site is to either use the search bar or peruse the Journal Archive.  Posts have been segregated by subject, post title and tags. 

Project Status (November 2018)

  • Main Instrument Panel (MIP) Compliance:   Retrofit of FDS MIP to OEM compliance (screws, panels, frames, etc).  An ongoing task that runs in the background (80% done - 2016)
  • Replacement of Potentiometers:  The potentiometers that are responsible for the control of the roll and pitch from the movement of the flight column will be replaced with high-end military specification string potentiometers.  This will enable far better calibration and manual flight control. (COMPLETED)
  • B738 TQ Thrust Lever handle skirts:  Design and fabrication of NG compliant skirt (shroud) for thrust levers.  Skirt will incorporate OEM TOGA buttons - prototype complete (90% done)
  • B738 FLAPS Conversion:  Conversion completed but continual problems needed a rethink.  Now using a syncho board and ARINC 429 protocols.  Initial tests look good (70% done.  Completion DEC 2018)
  • AFDS Conversion:   Conversion and installation of First Officer side AFDS unit (COMPLETED)
  • SMART Interface Module:  Design, construction and installation of SMART interface module to operate FLAPS, AFDS units and Fuel Flow toggle (COMPLETED)
  • Forward and Aft Overhead Panels:  Development of the forward and aft overhead.  The overhead will be modular and to determine how to wire and connect everything efficiently, requires considerable forward thinking and planning.  Most of the OEM gauges, panels, knobs and annunciators have been acquired; however, construction will not commence until all items have been obtained. (Completion late 2018/2019)
  • BOEING CDU/FMC Unit Conversion:   Conversion of two B737 CDU units. (COMPLETED)
  • OEM MIP Annunciator Installation:  Replacement of all annunciators and switches on the Main Instrument Panel (MIP) with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) annunciators (Korrys) and switches.  This will include push to test and DIM functionality using OEM relays.   (COMPLETED)
  • OEM MIP Panel Replacement:   Procurement of OEM MIP panels (lightplates), knobs, rotaries, etc to replace all reproduction panels.  Most of the panels have been acquired with the exception of a few lower kickstand panels.  Once obtained, the MIP frame (Flight Deck Solutions - FDS) will be discarded for a customized MIP frame that is 1:1 to the OEM version.  It takes time to find the panels. (70% done)
  • Throttle Teething Issues:  Solving a few problems that have developed concerning the use of throttle unit.  One thing lead to another and much of the mechanism has been replaced with a more advanced and reliable mechanism.  The new TQ compared with the old is like 'chalk and cheese'.  The throttle quadrant conversion has been a learning process and the changes will be documented in a separate post.  (COMPLETED)
  • Interface Modules:  Design and construction of interface modules to replace the trial Interface Master Module (IMM) which was  trial module to investigate he feasibility of using the modular concept to house all interface cards, relays, etc.  Three replacement interface modules have now been completed:  the Throttle Interface Module (TIM), the Throttle Communication Module (TCM), the System Interface Module (SIM) and the Interface Alert System (IAS)(COMPLETED)
  • Overhead Flight Deck Frame:   Currently in design phase.  (Design phase completed.  Fabrication mid 2019) 
  • OEM B737 Transponder Panel:  Converted using Arinc 429 protocol.  Will be installed when 115 AC inverter unit has been shipped from the US (2018)

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