Landing Lights, But No Overhead - Go Flight Module
January 11, 2012 at 20:56
FLAPS 2 APPROACH in Boeing 737 Flight Simulator, Flight Simulation, Go Flight, Go Flight Module, Main Instrument Panel (MIP)

The B737 Project has been mapped out and most things are developed within defined stages.  I try to complete everything planned in a stage before moving on.  This includes ensuring that everything in a previous stage is more or less completed and operating as its supposed to. 

The overhead is not scheduled for sometime.  In the interim I am using the Sim Avionics virtual overhead.  This said, some switches can be replicated to add to the flight deck functionality.  I've used a Go Flight T8 button module to turn on and off the various lights - such as landing, taxi, navigation and beacon.  Although I wouldn't usually use a Go Flight module, I have several from my previous set up gathering dust.

I made a small bracket which attaches beneath the left hand side of the MIP.  I ensured I used the existing screw holes that attach the blanking plate to the MIP.   The two replacement screws still require painting in Boeing grey.  Although nowhere near the real thing or authentic, it works and fills the gap until the overhead is added; making it easier to access the landing switches that are used on every flight.

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