Simulator Construction Update - June 2013
June 24, 2013 at 15:25
FLAPS 2 APPROACH in B737 Flight Simulator, B737-800 Boeing 737 Flight Simulator, Update June 2013

Building has been rather slow the last couple of months, although design wise quite a bit has been accomplished.  My main hurdle has been waiting for the replacement throttle quadrant and pedestal to arrive from the United States. 

The throttle has taken considerable time to correctly interface to allow full automation, and the initial brief has been changed to allow implementation of an Interface Module that will house many of the inaterface cards used to control the simulator.  The interface module is a trial to determine the feasability of a modular design.

it's unfortunate, that building cannot continue in earnest until the throttle, pedestal and master module is installed.

I’ve been reliably informed that the new unit is expected to arrive sometime in late August.  There are some surprises in store which I’m sure you will find interesting.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy searching for and purchasing second-hand Boeing parts for some panel additions to the center pedestal and acquiring OEM 737 toggles, switches and bits and pieces for the forward and aft overhead panels.

Construction posts will continue shortly, however, until then I’ll continue to publish posts pertaining to operational procedures for the 737-800.

As with all my posts, if you find a glaringly obvious mistake, please tell me so I can rectify the discrepancy.

Click here to read  the post regarding the replacement throttle unit.  There is also information located under the Flight Controls tab (above main menu).

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